If you enjoy relaxing with kratom, you may want to enhance your kratom experience by pairing it with a bit of music! Finding the right music is essential, as it can really enhance your kratom experience.

Kratom is rapidly increasing in popularity among Westerners, though it has been used for generations in Indonesia, Thailand and other regions of southeast Asia. Native cultures have used kratom, an herb taken from the leaves of the kratom tree (Mitragyna Speciosa). It’s favored for its ability to ease pain, diarrhea and anxiety, among a host of other ailments. In the west, kratom is popular among those who suffer from chronic pain and those who are seeking to ease withdrawal symptoms from opiates and prescription painkillers containing opiates.

The kratom leaves are typically ground up into a fine powder an ingested with apple sauce or another sweet substance or it can be brewed into a tea.

Music and Kratom Experience

Your kratom experience is determined by a number of factors, including your mood and the amount of kratom that you ingest. So when selecting music to accompany your kratom experience, you’ll need to select music that matches the effects you’re seeking to achieve.

For instance, if you’re looking for a mellow, relaxing experience, select music that has a mellow and relaxing feel; if you’re seeking stimulant-like effects from kratom, pick music that’s more upbeat and happy.


Dosages, Effects and Kratom Music

The following is a general guide to kratom dosages and the results they produce, in a general sense. Each individual is unique and tolerance can dramatically impact the amount of kratom that’s required to produce the desired impact.

2 to 6 grams ・this is generally considered to be a mild dose, which usually generates stimulant-type effects.
7 to 15 grams ・this moderate dosage; effects can range from stimulant to sedative, blended with euphoria and analgesic effects.
16 to 25 grams ・this is considered a high dose for most individuals. This dose of Kratom typically produces sedative effects, combined with analgesic and euphoric effects as well.
26 to 50 grams ・this is considered an extremely high dosage of kratom; much too strong for most individuals. It typically acts as a powerful sedative on most individuals, often mixed with euphoria and pain relief.

Generally speaking, a lower dosage of kratom produces stimulant effects, where a higher dosage of kratom produces more mellow, sedative effects. Euphoria and pain relief can be associated with all dosing levels, but especially the higher dosages.


It’s generally wise to start at a lower dose and increase to get the results you’re seeking to achieve. Slowly sipping a bit of kratom tea is a great way to achieve the desired results.

Select music that matches the effects you’re seeking to achieve. Generally, the tea-drinking process is pretty mellow, so you may opt to start off with mellow songs and gradually transition to happier, peppier music.

Kratom users often report that they have a much greater appreciation for music while they’re using kratom, so you’ll definitely want to keep your MP3 player nearby!

Kratom users may opt to create a series of playlists, so you’ll have one available to enrich every kratom experience, ranging from stimulant to mellow to euphoric and beyond.

You’ll also want to consider your plan for the day. If you’re taking a bit of kratom to ease pain at the beginning of the day, before you head off to work or school, happy-girl-relax-music-kratomthen it’s generally best to select music that will put you in the right mood to start your day. Some may prefer to start off in a relaxed, mellow state, while others may prefer a more euphoric, energetic state.

Each person’s musical tastes differ, so the precise songs that you’ll include will vary from person to person. But generally speaking, you’ll want to create a few playlists:

・ A playlist with “happy” and energetic songs, with a fast tempo and beat and positive lyrics.
・ A playlist with mellow but positive songs, transitioning into some happier, faster tempo songs.
・ A playlist with mellow songs that inspire or elicit thought.
・ A playlist with all mellow, relaxing music. Vary it to include songs with vocals and purely instrumental pieces.

And you can keep your MP3 player on-hand to play specific songs as the urge arises to enhance your kratom experience!

Music can really enrich your kratom experience. Enjoy!